Hi, guys, this is Yi. I open a blog, want to share useful, interesting, amazing Apps with you. This is the first blog of me, I want to recommend  an App【Calista+】to you. This is an App which can help you design and edit photos.Next, I will introduce its basic features, functions and how to use it. Of course, you can explore the new way of using it.

Providing 15 styles and more than 300 kinds of design overlays which are all free to users, Calista+ allow users modify every normal picture to fantastic new feeling decorated picture.  Choosing template edit,  you can see all the template. Every kind of style offer one photo for you as an example, which can give you some inspirations and ideas. Choosing the overlay which you want, it will show on your photo. Very flexible and easy!

Next, I will introduce three special templates briefly.

【 Special 3 Templates】

◑ Floral Template :All the templates in this pack are handmade painting drawn from watercolour. There are many kinds of warm, natural style flower painting template.

◑ Joachim Template:They are inspired by some traditional Korean textile with special colours.

◑ Zodiac Template:They are distinctive patterns of constellations in the sky. All of them are designed beautiful and visual. You can choose one template according to your birthday.

Excpet template edit, Calista+ also provides three other composition tools to help users to edit photos easily. You will enjoy editing and decorating photo through Calista’s intuitive functions.

Like food materials need to be cooked well, Elements such like templates, text, icons need to be adjusted and edited. Therefore, The size, direction, brightness, contrast, RGB colour adjustment, hue, saturation of every element can be adjusted. All the functions can help users to blend elements and photos together well, can generate more natural and amazing pictures. Calista+ also provides many filters which can change the photos feeling and hue. 

Calista+ is also a convenient app to let you share the art works with your friends. It supports you to save the pictures to the camera roll or just share it to twitter, facebook, Instagram etc…

You can click the link below to download the App. All nice and creative ways need you to explore!


I will usually update my blog and recommend more Hi-Q and interesting Apps to you guys. Just come back to see my blog regularly. You may find something you like or  you need. If you have any questions about this app,  want to know other apps next time, or recommend some interesting apps to me, just make comments below. I will do what I can to answer your questions 🙂