Guides are the travel guide application developed by Lonely Planet, the world’s largest private travel guide. The travel book it publishes is called the “Lonely Planet series” and has a long history. It is the first travel series written for backpackers, but now you do not have to carry a thick travel guide anymore.The guide application can help you to discover the fun of travel.

Go and to find the holy land in your heart

You can find almost any tourist attractions’ instructions you want to go in the Guide. The main interface tile displays 37 city travel Raiders, which also contains Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, three cities of China, and then select the city of interest Then offline download. Also, the main interface design is simple and generous, giving a very fresh feeling.

The Best Travel Guide


As the application of the world’s largest private travel guide publishers, the content is naturally rich and accurate degree is nice. In the details of the city guide page, The Guides lists the local food and drink categories in the details of the city guide page, through this, you will never miss each interesting point of the city. Each location has a detailed map location, telephone, consumer and other information, which means you are not afraid of being alone in a new city, you can handle everything J

The most intimate tips

In travelling time, the money must be one of the most important things. After all, the budget must be controlled, so Guides also provides a very intimate currency conversion and money saving tips. The contents whether in the “Need to Know” page overview or “Budget” are the both important and useful. You can develop a general understanding of the city through reading the basic overview of the city.