I do not know if you have this situation. If you were changing the wallpaper of your phone, you will feel fresh and different. Thus, the wallpaper application is necessary. There are many wallpaper applications; the problem is that how to choose the nice and your favourite one. Today, I am going to introduce some wallpaper applications for you, just choosing the one you like!


This is a wallpaper app which is produced by LINE company. It includes many different kinds of background screen series. Moreover, it offers“LINE FRIENDS” series which are cute!!!


Wallpaper|The real design wallpapers

The wallpapers in the applications are choosing from the famous design community Dribbble. The wallpapers will fit your device size automatically, so you can get away from the trouble of picking and changing wallpapers.


WLPPR|Let you enjoy the perspective of God

This is a clear but amazing wallpaper application. This is because all the wallpapers of this application are not drawn by hand or by software rendering. They are real satellite photography of our beautiful planet from other planets.

These images are provided by NASA and ESA. When I was looking these pictures, I will feel that those pictures are shot from the perspective of God. I will always feel that our original Earth is so shocking beauty.


NextDay|Looking forward to the scene of tomorrow

In fact, strictly speaking, NextDay can not be regarded as a wallpaper application. However, It updates a beautiful photo every day, so I decide to put it into the topic of reason.

NextDay is a veteran application. It has been showing up with iOS6 until now iOS9. Although the application of their design style has changed a lot, it will update a picture, a sentence, a song on a daily basis and never stopped. This has a lovely milk cartridges icon application I have always believed: THE NEXT DAY IS ALWAYS A NEW DAY.

Just download them, choose the one you like most! Changing your ordinary wallpaper right now!