The kitchen story is the chief product of the German company AJNS New Media GmbH, founded by two young girls who love food. This application teaches you simple and tasty daily dishes with exquisite video tutorials and intuitive picture captions.Whether you are a kitchen rookie or a senior kitchen cooker, you can use this application to explore an amazing new cooking world

If you are a taste of trick or have strict requirements on foods, then the upper right corner of the filter label you must use. Click here to filter not only ingredients, calories, cooking time, but also interesting recipe topics such as “better than take-out”, “less than 400 calories” etc.

From a kitchen killer to cooking specialist

Open a dish in the app, tools, production time, nutrition and fresh ingredients at a glance. Video teaching and picture can teach you every detail of the cooking process.

Moreover, when you choose the dishes you want to cook, the corresponding recipe shopping list is also generated automatically. Just enter the number of copies of the necessary ingredients can be obtained, no longer have to write and forget their pen! Also, you can write a memorandum at the top of the recipe, or open the built-in timer; it is useful when you do make confectionery.

Not only the most beautiful, it is also the most intimate cooking app

In the recipe video teaching page, it shows not only the production process of this dish but also the relevant details of the video, such as in the educational video of “how to make “The wine in the prawns Angel Face”, there is a video to teach you how to make this dish and another video to show you how to peel shrimp and homemade pasta! Teaching video does not exceed 5 minutes. It is appropriate even if you are impatient.