wechatimg5Have you ever been tried with various and diverse information? With the development of digital devices and new media, people nowadays can access to various information easily.We can know the current affairs in the real time. We can receive email just on our smartphone no matter where we are.

However, there is a problem that, sometimes, we are confused with all the information which is not been sorted out. It is because they are all come from different platforms, such as twitter,facebook, email etc.. and they are all in the different format, such like pictures, audio, text etc.

Today, I will introduce an app – Square Collection, which can help you find out all the problems and make your life easier! It is a data collection app, which can collect texts, pictures, videos even every piece of information from different apps without switching platforms.

Fundamental Function

Text Record: Open the app, press [ + ] button. You can record your idea.

Audio Record: Open the app, long press [ + ] button. You can record sound and the audio can be translated into text automatically.

Synchronization functions: All notes can be synced to the cloud. So, you can read your notes on the computer. It also supports users to sync notes to other platforms.

Core Functions:

1.No matter you are using which App or platform, if you wish to collect texts, just choose it and press the [copy] button. After that, pull down the notification page, the texts you wish to collect is already pasted into the app. It is highly convenient and effective, because it wouldn’t disturb the reading process.

2.By Long pressing the note, you can combine two or more notes. It is of use when you want to collate information. Once you press the bottom which is on the right side of notes, you can edit the label and manage them.

3.Square Collection also has a web version.After searching for Funp.in online, you can find the website. After that, just install a small plug-in for your internet browser. You can use it easily. You can collect pictures, video and text in all websites, just clicking and holding your mouse, pull it into the left side of the page. Finished! Then, It is ok for you to view them on your phone, tablet or computer.


Using this app, you can stop struggling in the many and diverse messages. Collect them in the easiest way and enjoy!

If you have some problems with how to using it or you want some recommendations from me about some other kinds of apps. Just comment below! I will reply asap.