With the development of technology today, high-definition and vivid is no longer the only direction of the image. Those fun, cool, creativity ones are most attractive and appealing for most people. Being tired of the similar selfies, and be used to see the monotony of the short video, we began to look forward to some different things. Let Phlim wake up our inner little monster.

Not only has the traditional image processing of high-definition and high degree of reduction, the most special feature of Phlim is it can allow ordinary pictures become vivid and taste.


The simple and clear design makes shooting with Phlim easy. Open it, swipe the style icon below the interface. Choosing whatever you like such as Gothic wind, abstract painting, Impressionist… Select your favorite filter style through the preview interface, making your photos and videos merge with the famous artworks.

Of course, it is not all the functions of Phlim. Except add filters to your photos, it can also put those pictures into small videos.

Press the small arrow in the lower right corner, you will enter the video production interface. If you want to add dynamic text in the video, there are many materials to choose from, absolutely able to meet your desire to express. When you are done with the text, just add a nice background music! Nice videos are done!

When you finished the creating process, Phlim also supports you to share your videos to various social media platforms. Help you to show your artworks easily!

This is Phlim, in the shortest possible time, in a simple way, you’re your ordinary life becoming impressive