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Philm-Make your photos and videos cool


With the development of technology today, high-definition and vivid is no longer the only direction of the image. Those fun, cool, creativity ones are most attractive and appealing for most people. Being tired of the similar selfies, and be used to see the monotony of the short video, we began to look forward to some different things. Let Phlim wake up our inner little monster.

Not only has the traditional image processing of high-definition and high degree of reduction, the most special feature of Phlim is it can allow ordinary pictures become vivid and taste.


The simple and clear design makes shooting with Phlim easy. Open it, swipe the style icon below the interface. Choosing whatever you like such as Gothic wind, abstract painting, Impressionist… Select your favorite filter style through the preview interface, making your photos and videos merge with the famous artworks.

Of course, it is not all the functions of Phlim. Except add filters to your photos, it can also put those pictures into small videos.

Press the small arrow in the lower right corner, you will enter the video production interface. If you want to add dynamic text in the video, there are many materials to choose from, absolutely able to meet your desire to express. When you are done with the text, just add a nice background music! Nice videos are done!

When you finished the creating process, Phlim also supports you to share your videos to various social media platforms. Help you to show your artworks easily!

This is Phlim, in the shortest possible time, in a simple way, you’re your ordinary life becoming impressive


Square Collection-Make data collection easier


wechatimg5Have you ever been tried with various and diverse information? With the development of digital devices and new media, people nowadays can access to various information easily.We can know the current affairs in the real time. We can receive email just on our smartphone no matter where we are.

However, there is a problem that, sometimes, we are confused with all the information which is not been sorted out. It is because they are all come from different platforms, such as twitter,facebook, email etc.. and they are all in the different format, such like pictures, audio, text etc.

Today, I will introduce an app – Square Collection, which can help you find out all the problems and make your life easier! It is a data collection app, which can collect texts, pictures, videos even every piece of information from different apps without switching platforms.

Fundamental Function

Text Record: Open the app, press [ + ] button. You can record your idea.

Audio Record: Open the app, long press [ + ] button. You can record sound and the audio can be translated into text automatically.

Synchronization functions: All notes can be synced to the cloud. So, you can read your notes on the computer. It also supports users to sync notes to other platforms.

Core Functions:

1.No matter you are using which App or platform, if you wish to collect texts, just choose it and press the [copy] button. After that, pull down the notification page, the texts you wish to collect is already pasted into the app. It is highly convenient and effective, because it wouldn’t disturb the reading process.

2.By Long pressing the note, you can combine two or more notes. It is of use when you want to collate information. Once you press the bottom which is on the right side of notes, you can edit the label and manage them.

3.Square Collection also has a web version.After searching for online, you can find the website. After that, just install a small plug-in for your internet browser. You can use it easily. You can collect pictures, video and text in all websites, just clicking and holding your mouse, pull it into the left side of the page. Finished! Then, It is ok for you to view them on your phone, tablet or computer.


Using this app, you can stop struggling in the many and diverse messages. Collect them in the easiest way and enjoy!

If you have some problems with how to using it or you want some recommendations from me about some other kinds of apps. Just comment below! I will reply asap.

Tandem – Help you to learn other languages!




Tandem is an app which focuses on language exchange study. It offers a shared platform for users to find language-exchange partners.

Tandem enjoys sound reputation among users since last year when it first came on the market. However, at that time it only can be logged in by facebook, not to speak of the Android version.Nowadays, Tandem not only provides the logging methods of Weibo and telephone numbers. It also has Android version. Thus, an increasing number of people can use Tandem to enhance their language abilities.

A real and secure learning language community

Tandem hopes users can have the real communicating experiences. So, it requests users to use their real pictures as their account pictures. Users also need to answer three questions when you register a new account.

A little reminder: you need to answer the three questions seriously, because based on the answers, the system will match the learning partner of you according to your answers.

On Tande, you can pick your partners according to some standards. For example, the age, gender, nationality, etc…

Avoid no topic for you to talk

Tandem has the independent language learning matching system. You can search for the partner according to the religion and language according to the filter system. You just need to choose the languages, put them into two different categories. [I speak fluently] or [ I am learning]

Personal information presentation

In [ About me ], you can edit [Hobby] [ People you want to talk] and [learning target]. All the information just likes cards which introduce yourself to others. According to the profiles, you can find interesting topics to talk with others.

Perfect chatting functions

Tandem offers perfect chatting functions, including video calls, typing chatting, sending audio messages and photos. It provides more than 120 kinds of different languages for you to select. So, it is not an issue that the language you want to learn is not hot and popular enough.

Kitchen Stories- teach you to do Michelin meals


The kitchen story is the chief product of the German company AJNS New Media GmbH, founded by two young girls who love food. This application teaches you simple and tasty daily dishes with exquisite video tutorials and intuitive picture captions.Whether you are a kitchen rookie or a senior kitchen cooker, you can use this application to explore an amazing new cooking world

If you are a taste of trick or have strict requirements on foods, then the upper right corner of the filter label you must use. Click here to filter not only ingredients, calories, cooking time, but also interesting recipe topics such as “better than take-out”, “less than 400 calories” etc.

From a kitchen killer to cooking specialist

Open a dish in the app, tools, production time, nutrition and fresh ingredients at a glance. Video teaching and picture can teach you every detail of the cooking process.

Moreover, when you choose the dishes you want to cook, the corresponding recipe shopping list is also generated automatically. Just enter the number of copies of the necessary ingredients can be obtained, no longer have to write and forget their pen! Also, you can write a memorandum at the top of the recipe, or open the built-in timer; it is useful when you do make confectionery.

Not only the most beautiful, it is also the most intimate cooking app

In the recipe video teaching page, it shows not only the production process of this dish but also the relevant details of the video, such as in the educational video of “how to make “The wine in the prawns Angel Face”, there is a video to teach you how to make this dish and another video to show you how to peel shrimp and homemade pasta! Teaching video does not exceed 5 minutes. It is appropriate even if you are impatient.



Wallpaper application- you can find all in here


I do not know if you have this situation. If you were changing the wallpaper of your phone, you will feel fresh and different. Thus, the wallpaper application is necessary. There are many wallpaper applications; the problem is that how to choose the nice and your favourite one. Today, I am going to introduce some wallpaper applications for you, just choosing the one you like!


This is a wallpaper app which is produced by LINE company. It includes many different kinds of background screen series. Moreover, it offers“LINE FRIENDS” series which are cute!!!


Wallpaper|The real design wallpapers

The wallpapers in the applications are choosing from the famous design community Dribbble. The wallpapers will fit your device size automatically, so you can get away from the trouble of picking and changing wallpapers.


WLPPR|Let you enjoy the perspective of God

This is a clear but amazing wallpaper application. This is because all the wallpapers of this application are not drawn by hand or by software rendering. They are real satellite photography of our beautiful planet from other planets.

These images are provided by NASA and ESA. When I was looking these pictures, I will feel that those pictures are shot from the perspective of God. I will always feel that our original Earth is so shocking beauty.


NextDay|Looking forward to the scene of tomorrow

In fact, strictly speaking, NextDay can not be regarded as a wallpaper application. However, It updates a beautiful photo every day, so I decide to put it into the topic of reason.

NextDay is a veteran application. It has been showing up with iOS6 until now iOS9. Although the application of their design style has changed a lot, it will update a picture, a sentence, a song on a daily basis and never stopped. This has a lovely milk cartridges icon application I have always believed: THE NEXT DAY IS ALWAYS A NEW DAY.

Just download them, choose the one you like most! Changing your ordinary wallpaper right now!


Guides – The cyclopaedia of travelors


Guides are the travel guide application developed by Lonely Planet, the world’s largest private travel guide. The travel book it publishes is called the “Lonely Planet series” and has a long history. It is the first travel series written for backpackers, but now you do not have to carry a thick travel guide anymore.The guide application can help you to discover the fun of travel.

Go and to find the holy land in your heart

You can find almost any tourist attractions’ instructions you want to go in the Guide. The main interface tile displays 37 city travel Raiders, which also contains Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, three cities of China, and then select the city of interest Then offline download. Also, the main interface design is simple and generous, giving a very fresh feeling.

The Best Travel Guide


As the application of the world’s largest private travel guide publishers, the content is naturally rich and accurate degree is nice. In the details of the city guide page, The Guides lists the local food and drink categories in the details of the city guide page, through this, you will never miss each interesting point of the city. Each location has a detailed map location, telephone, consumer and other information, which means you are not afraid of being alone in a new city, you can handle everything J

The most intimate tips

In travelling time, the money must be one of the most important things. After all, the budget must be controlled, so Guides also provides a very intimate currency conversion and money saving tips. The contents whether in the “Need to Know” page overview or “Budget” are the both important and useful. You can develop a general understanding of the city through reading the basic overview of the city.


Photoscan- Let Google digitalize your old photos

When our parents are young, the world’s leading smartphone is not equipped with a camera. So, taking photos whenever and wherever is no easy thing for them as us. Every time I look at the albums of the previous generation, I feel that the pictures that are born in the studio are full of delight – they always have an exaggerated background. Although those photos are old and yellowed, it has a generation of the most innocent smile.


Today, Google has prepared for us a very useful and loving small application, Photoscan, it can help us to the old photo from the physical album “moved into” digital album, so that the photos can remind us of those interesting and vivid memory.


After opening the application, Photoscan will provide a small animation for us to demonstrate the use of the application: to grant the necessary authority, the main interface of the camera viewfinder need to scan the photo, press the shutter to take pictures; then according to the screen prompts, Move the lens so that the center of the lens coincides with the dot on the screen; a moment later, a “digital” old photos will be vivid on the phone screen.



If you want to get the best results, the scanning process also need some tips, including scanning to keep the phone as smooth as possible, the photo placed on the background not too complicated, continue to open the flash and so on, these tips we can always click on the application The bottom right corner of the main interface to help view.

After the completion of the scan will be a short process, after processing we can click on the lower right corner of the thumbnail for viewing and editing, editing capabilities also allow us to further the photo of the corners, boundaries for fine-tuning for better results. Once you’ve made adjustments, you can save these “old” digital photos into your local album

In general, Photoscan more like a separation from the Google Photos in a very useful gadget. We cannot only use it to scan and save old photos but also can be used to save some valuable pages, letters, etc., the effect is very good.

Everything is ready, think of the parents that left the old album, the album’s father still keep 37 long hair, the mother was also wearing a white shirt with high waist pants… … I thought this year for them to be prepared for the birthday Gift, should be able to more of a surprise of the bar.


Nice Notetaking Apps

Hi guys, me again. Today I want to share some apps which can help you guys to take notes easily. It is common that students need to download the study

Today I want to share some apps which can help you guys to take notes easily. It is common that students need to download the powerpoint  and officers need to record conference proceedings. Therefore, Notetaking Apps are necessary and indispensable part of our study and working life. Today, I will share two great iPad notetaking apps.


Goodreader is a magic and amazing app for label PDF profiles. You can use labels to mark messages in any text version pdf profiles. For example, you can add colour, underline, wavy line to the information which you need. Moreover, you can choose words and look up its meaning and pronunciation directly through Goodreader. So, don’t feel panic when you meet some unfamiliar and difficult terms anymore. On the other hand, the save & share functions of Goodreader are also great. When you want to share profiles to others, Goodreader supports Airdrop and other Apps such like icloud drive, dropbox, etc…What’s more, all the labels you marked before can also be sent with your profiles to your email or other apps. As for search part, you can search keywords, labels as well as your outlines. It won’t miss any outlines, every note you took can be searched easily. However, there is a drawback of Goodreader. The mark function can only be used in pdf profile. It can only be read but cannot be marked on other versions such like power point and word.

However, there is a drawback of Goodreader. The mark function can only be used in pdf profile. It can only be read but cannot be marked on other versions such like power point and word.

Page of Goodreader


The second app I want to talk is Onenote which is belong windows office. With various versions of the app, they are nearly similar between the computer version and iPad version.

In word typing sector, Onenote has same functions as Word. Except primary fonts, colour and overstriking functions, it also provides alignment service. It provides many kinds of labels. You can use various ones to represent different things for reminding yourself. For example, you can set some small boxes in reminder notes, once you finished, you can tick the boxes! As for insert mode of Onenote, it is useful than other similar apps. Except it supports user to insert pictures, audios and links, profiles, tables, formulas can be also inserted in notes. On the other hand, the handwriting part named sketch in Onenote. It can be switched between sketch mode and text mode. When you are handwriting, the texts and words will not distract you.

page of Onenote


OK, this is the end of today’s blog. Hope all the things are helpful for you guys to make notes more convenient. If you have any questions about IOS apps, no matter what it is about, you can comment below. I will do my best to reply. See you next time!

Calista+ – amazing photo design app

Hi, guys, this is Yi. I open a blog, want to share useful, interesting, amazing Apps with you. This is the first blog of me, I want to recommend  an App【Calista+】to you. This is an App which can help you design and edit photos.Next, I will introduce its basic features, functions and how to use it. Of course, you can explore the new way of using it.

Providing 15 styles and more than 300 kinds of design overlays which are all free to users, Calista+ allow users modify every normal picture to fantastic new feeling decorated picture.  Choosing template edit,  you can see all the template. Every kind of style offer one photo for you as an example, which can give you some inspirations and ideas. Choosing the overlay which you want, it will show on your photo. Very flexible and easy!

Next, I will introduce three special templates briefly.

【 Special 3 Templates】

◑ Floral Template :All the templates in this pack are handmade painting drawn from watercolour. There are many kinds of warm, natural style flower painting template.

◑ Joachim Template:They are inspired by some traditional Korean textile with special colours.

◑ Zodiac Template:They are distinctive patterns of constellations in the sky. All of them are designed beautiful and visual. You can choose one template according to your birthday.

Excpet template edit, Calista+ also provides three other composition tools to help users to edit photos easily. You will enjoy editing and decorating photo through Calista’s intuitive functions.

Like food materials need to be cooked well, Elements such like templates, text, icons need to be adjusted and edited. Therefore, The size, direction, brightness, contrast, RGB colour adjustment, hue, saturation of every element can be adjusted. All the functions can help users to blend elements and photos together well, can generate more natural and amazing pictures. Calista+ also provides many filters which can change the photos feeling and hue. 

Calista+ is also a convenient app to let you share the art works with your friends. It supports you to save the pictures to the camera roll or just share it to twitter, facebook, Instagram etc…

You can click the link below to download the App. All nice and creative ways need you to explore!

I will usually update my blog and recommend more Hi-Q and interesting Apps to you guys. Just come back to see my blog regularly. You may find something you like or  you need. If you have any questions about this app,  want to know other apps next time, or recommend some interesting apps to me, just make comments below. I will do what I can to answer your questions 🙂

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