When our parents are young, the world’s leading smartphone is not equipped with a camera. So, taking photos whenever and wherever is no easy thing for them as us. Every time I look at the albums of the previous generation, I feel that the pictures that are born in the studio are full of delight – they always have an exaggerated background. Although those photos are old and yellowed, it has a generation of the most innocent smile.


Today, Google has prepared for us a very useful and loving small application, Photoscan, it can help us to the old photo from the physical album “moved into” digital album, so that the photos can remind us of those interesting and vivid memory.


After opening the application, Photoscan will provide a small animation for us to demonstrate the use of the application: to grant the necessary authority, the main interface of the camera viewfinder need to scan the photo, press the shutter to take pictures; then according to the screen prompts, Move the lens so that the center of the lens coincides with the dot on the screen; a moment later, a “digital” old photos will be vivid on the phone screen.



If you want to get the best results, the scanning process also need some tips, including scanning to keep the phone as smooth as possible, the photo placed on the background not too complicated, continue to open the flash and so on, these tips we can always click on the application The bottom right corner of the main interface to help view.

After the completion of the scan will be a short process, after processing we can click on the lower right corner of the thumbnail for viewing and editing, editing capabilities also allow us to further the photo of the corners, boundaries for fine-tuning for better results. Once you’ve made adjustments, you can save these “old” digital photos into your local album

In general, Photoscan more like a separation from the Google Photos in a very useful gadget. We cannot only use it to scan and save old photos but also can be used to save some valuable pages, letters, etc., the effect is very good.

Everything is ready, think of the parents that left the old album, the album’s father still keep 37 long hair, the mother was also wearing a white shirt with high waist pants… … I thought this year for them to be prepared for the birthday Gift, should be able to more of a surprise of the bar.